Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This scene plays in my mind daily. Why? i want to be enslaved by Women. i've envisioned being imprisoned, for whatever reason, by sadistic, no-nonsense Women Who are so powerful that a look can intimidate the biggest of any man. This scene plays out in a way that i can not escape because the Women have it in a way where escape is futile. And even if You make an attempt, the punishment is so severe that it's worse than dying!

Being at the mercy of Women that only care about the subjugation and punishment of men is a fantasy that, of course, in real life, i probably couldn't handle, but i fantasize of often. To be captured by Women and charged with the crime of being a man and then sentenced to a facility that was built for the expressed purpose of torturing and keeping men emasculated brings many thoughts to mind. Being on someone else's schedule with no input at all and having no choice in the matter. Being whipped for the enjoyment of Women because, well, just because. Being shackled, caged and starved..... You get the picture.....


  1. One word: OWK. :)

  2. Wait...is that technically two words? Or three?

  3. Ha ha! It doesn't matter..... i got you!!!! lol

  4. Yo, house: I sent you a message vita Fetlife. Beer time! WG

  5. Yea, I agree. It's very hot.

    BUT it is mostly our fantasy, and not that of the lady. Well, most ladies.

    - Playerazzi