Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Desire To Worship the Female Body

There have been times where people say that a Domme in the nude (More specifically, a Pro Domme), is not domination and it is immoral. i beg to differ! It may not seem very professional in the mindset of many but who is to say that that is wrong? i, for one, LOVE the female body in its complete form. Of course, my favorite part of the female anatomy is Her legs.... A Woman with a great set of legs can get me to do almost anything (Within reason) but that's not the topic today! :) I do know that the female body deserves to be worshiped, of course, if the female wants it to be worshiped (But how can you force worship on someone?).

Seeing a nude Woman is one of the greatest sights known to man, depending on the Woman's body type and what is desired from that woman. Although i LOVE seeing a Woman in stilettos, skirt and anything She wants to put on to make Her look sexy, nothing beats seeing the body it its natural state. If i am allowed to worship any part of a Woman's body, it is an honor and i see nothing wrong with a Woman being dominant while she is nude......

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  1. and i see nothing wrong with Woman while she is nude....

    Yes, I think when a woman is worshiped, she should be naked. Nude woman's body is most worthy of worship.