Saturday, October 24, 2009


i would have figured by now, i'd have countless stories to tell You, brag about or just plain new experiences, but none of that. But i must say that i am going to pick up my 'submissive' life once again as i have been yearning for abuse and servitude. i was recently serving a Domme Who was just plain boring and it was not delightful at all. She is an attractive Woman but needs to be trained on how to dominate.... Oh well... She couldn't even punish correctly which made it painful. And not painful like ouch, i'm in pain, painful like, Dammit, when will this be over, i'm bored out of my skull painful!

Well, now it's another fresh start for me. i went to Suspension 2 weeks ago and i was truly bored so that didn't help. Where are the exciting Dommes today?!?!?!?

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