Monday, July 11, 2011

Single Tail?!?!? Why me?!?!?

For those who know me, it's been stated multiple times over the years that, my 2 worst enemies are the single tail and the cane! So, why is it that, in the past 2 months, 2 separate Dommes have called upon my services to be Their practice dummy? And to make matters worse, it was specifically for the single tail!!! Now, most people in the scene know that i am a sucker for pretty faces, so i didn't have the balls to say no to either one of the Dommes.

Ask any sub, in our heads and in our fantasy world, we can take any and every thing we fantasize about, but when it comes down to the reality of the situations, it's NEVER the case.... The saving grace for both circumstances were that both Dommes, although inexperienced with the instrument, had great teachers providing them with proper instruction, which didn't make the pain hurt less, but at least it would be done properly. i have seen what a bad single tail swing can do to flesh and i have no intentions of being crippled or maimed because of a Domme's insistence of utilizing a tool She can't handle correctly!

As with both Dommes, They were so enthused to use the whip that i was excited because They were excited, scared, but nonetheless, still excited because as a sub, i want a Mistress to be happy to use and abuse me for Her enjoyment. i endured the sharp pain of the nasty implement, but, with both, i am happy that They truly cared about how They were doing so They can be more proficient in its use. It would also make me proud to know that They perfected Their craft with my help, although the practice i had to endure was painful, but, the ultimate goal was met, they are better at the single tail and They used my flesh to get there.....

Then, i was invited to my first official 'private' BDSM party and the Mistress i was a guest of decided that i needed to feel the sting of Her single tail...... Did someone put out a memo?!?!?!

Well, i survived, i took more than i thought i could take, but it was a satisfying experience for Her and to me, that was the most important element of submitting to a Domme i've always wanted to submit to....

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